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WFX-40 float type fine well water gauge

1. functional features
This series of instruments are designed and manufactured according to the national standard GB/T11828.1-2002. The instrument level rate, surge serious environment, with good accuracy and stability, especially suitable for hydrological station, ShuiKu Railway Station, station dam, hydropower station, remote station use.
This series of equipment by the absolute value of encoding type water level sensor, display, sensor bracket, float, suspension, balance weight, RS485 communication interface and other components, is independent of the water level observation and measurement instrument, and can display, gate opening device, gate hoist control system is connected, composed of computer integrated display and control the system (such as locks, hydropower, pumped storage power station, agricultural irrigation system, water supply and drainage system); water level configuration of RS485 communication interface device, can directly communicate with the computer network machine, composed of hydrological automatic monitoring system, hydrological satellite telemetry system; configuration storage recording unit can be widely used in hydrological station.
This series of instruments is suitable for use in fine wells and general logging with a diameter of 20 cm to 30 centimeters.

2. technical parameters
2.1 basic parameters
A measurement range: 0-80 meters;
B water level variability: < 100 cm / minute
C resolution: 1cm
Starting torque of D water level wheel: < 100 gram cm (0.0098N. M)
F measurement accuracy: less than 2cm or 0.2%F - S
F display: decimal mechanical counter
2.2 mechanical parameters
Working circumference of a water level wheel: 32cm
B measuring cable: 1mm stainless steel cable
C float diameter: 10, 15cm optional
2.3 electrical parameters
A gray output: 10-13
B output: Contact on-off output contact resistance less than 0.5 ohm; the insulation resistance is not less than 10M.
2.4 communication interface (optional)
A RS485 interface: MODBUS protocol or other
Analog signal output of B 4 ~ 20mA
2.5 use environment
A environmental temperature: -25 ~ 85 C
B relative humidity; <90% (40)
C size: 132 x 132 x 115
D power supply voltage: 12 ~ 24VDC
2.6 electric display (optional)


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